Bavak Evolv, a thorough and effective control

Bavak Evolv, a thorough and effective control

December 14, 2021

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Bavak Evolv, a thorough and effective control

Everyone knows the walk-through metal detector. Before screening, keys, phones and metal objects must be removed from pockets and bags. However, there is still a chance that the metal detector responds to a belt or forgotten items in pockets. A thorough but time-consuming process, resulting in queues.

By replacing metal detectors with the Evolv Express, queues are shortened without compromising the safety. Less staff is needed to manage the screening process as everyone passes through. The entrance of your location will be improved and at the same time there is more room for hospitality.

The Evolv Express can screen up to 3600 people per hour, ideal for busy venues such as conferences and concerts. Especially in the current times, it is important that there is as little physical contact as possible between the visitor and the security. In addition, the Evolv Express provides also clear statistics, such as displaying the number of visitors per day and per hour.

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