Drone Detection for extra awareness

Drone Detection for extra awareness

December 08, 2021

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Drone Detection for extra awareness

More visibility and awareness of possible threats from the air.

Drones are an integral part of our daily existence. Drones come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From simple consumer drones to large drones with a so called ‘payload’ possibility. Drones are mainly used to perform tasks more easily and quickly or to make beautiful images from the air.

But what if a drone is used for other purposes, for example smuggling goods or making video recordings at concerts or other events. There are many possibilities for locations or moments where a drone is not wanted.

Using Drone Detection, you get more insight into the sky. Bavak offers Drone Detection on a purchase or (temporary) rental basis. By using the right equipment, it is in many cases possible to locate the pilot as well, so that measures can be taken.

For more information check our website at Drone Detection or contact us via info@bavak.com

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