Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Access control systems come in various shapes and sizes. For instance the speedlanes. These are the best solution for the fast and individualized admission of persons to a location. A speedlane can be used for example at offices, stadiums and government sites. The speedlane ensures an easy flow and counting of the number of people entering or leaving the location. By badging in and out, it is easy to see how many people are in the building, which in turn can be important for e.g. the company emergency response.

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Today's security demands a combination of aesthetics and the right level of security. The speedlanes in Bavak's product range offer this combination. The right speedlane gate is available for virtually any access. See below for an overview of the different models.

Speedlane EasyGate Superb

The EasyGate Superb is a very slim, fully adaptable speedlane that is an ideal solution for, for example, office buildings with access control or government locations. This lane offers a sleek modern design combined with the highest level of safety and security. The EasyGate Superb is equipped with lighting for clear and easy passage guidance. Key features include: 24 pairs of IR sensors, tailgating and cross over detection, intelligent light guidance, an integrated visitor card collection system with return function, an integrated barcode and QR code scanner, an elevator call system and a variable sound alarm.

Speedlane EasyGate Elite / Elite S

The EasyGate Elite is an elegant, slim and modern speedlane that fits into any interior. A combination of reliability, high level of security and design make it possible to use this speedlane in almost any entrance. The EasyGate Elite S is the shortest speedlane on the market. It can be equipped with glass wings up to 1,800 mm. The EasyGate Elite is equipped with tailgating and cross over detection, an integrated visitor card reception system and a variable sound alarm.

Speedlane EasyGate LC

The EasyGate LC not only offers a sleek design but was also developed with the integration of elevator assignment systems in mind. The simple square design is often chosen by architects. This speedlane model is available with medium and high glass wings including a wide range of accessories.

Speedlane EasyGate IM

The speedlane that is 'adaptable' to the design of your interior or company foyer. The housing of the EasyGate IM can be clad in various materials such as natural stone, marble, corian, wood, etc. The main features are; cladding with different materials, large adjustment possibilities, tailgating and cross over detection, different height of glass wings available, variable sound alarm and a maintenance free 'Magnetic Direct Drive motor'.

Speedlane EasyGate BV

A speedlane with eye-catching cladding technology solution. The choice is for different colors which makes the speedlane fully blend into business environments such as lobbies, receptions, offices. The drone panels and top cover of EasyGate BV are made of Corian or stone cladding. The main features are: cladding with Corian or stone, 'sticking' and cross over detection, safety sensors and a variable sound alarm.

Speedlane EasyGate SPT-G / SPT-R

The EasyGate SPT has several options for customization. The unique MDD motor with an MCBF of 15 million cycles delivers long life. With the combination of high glass wings and sensors for overclimb detection, this speedlane can provide excellent protection for your site. This speedlane is available in round (EasyGate SPT-G) or square shape (EasyGate SPT-R) as well as in an outdoor version. The main features are: large adjustment possibilities, tailgating and cross over detection, safety sensors, glass wings up to 2,200 mm

Speedlane EasyGate SPD-G / SPD-R

The EasyGate SPD is the best solution for the integration of different access control accessories in a rotating speedlane. This is for example elevator call, temperature scanner, Bar and QR code scanner, motorized visitor card collector, face recognition and fingerprint scanner. Integrated, patented Magnetic Direct Drive motor with guaranteed MCBF of 10 million cycles. This speedlane is available in round (EasyGate SPD-G) or square form (EasyGate SPD-R). This speedlane is custom made Key features include: variety of access control accessory integrations, tailgating and cross over detection, security sensors and a variable sound alarm.

Speedlane EasyGate SG / SR 1000 & EasyGate SG / SR 1320

This is the ideal solution for installations with limited space. Available in round (EasyGate SG) or square form (EasyGate SR). An extended version of 1320 mm offers a higher level of security. Key features include: the shortest speed gate on the market, optional bar and QR code scanner, tailgating and cross over detection, lighting for the glass wings.

Please find some samples below: Easygate_LC_Pegas_The-Flow_Praha_13_HR-klein.jpg EayGate_SPT_80_AnnStreet_02_HR-klein.jpg Easygate_SPT_Pegas_CTPpark_Brno_28_HR.jpg

Why Bavak

The specialists at Bavak know speed gates very well and have been successfully implementing them for years. This gives us a lot of expertise that we gladly use to make things easier for our clients. It really depends on your wishes and your situation which speedlane is best for your situation. Contact our specialists to see which speedlane can be chosen as the best solution.

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Good security requires expertise. Bavak has been providing the best security worldwide for more than 45 years. If you also want to know how, please contact us.