Autonomous surveillance drone by Bavak

Autonomous surveillance drone by Bavak

January 12, 2023

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Autonomous surveillance drones by Bavak

Autonomous surveillance drones are increasingly being used in daily operations. These drones are able to navigate and fly themselves without human guidance (aka a pilot) and can be used to monitor areas or conduct inspections.

There are several advantages to using autonomous surveillance drones. First, they can monitor an area more efficiently and quickly than human guards. They can also inspect dangerous or hard-to-reach areas without endangering people. Moreover, autonomous drones are able to work continuously without breaks or fatigue meaning they can remain active for longer periods of time than regualar guards.

Autonomous surveillance drones are a powerful tool for monitoring and inspecting areas but it is important to take measures to protect the privacy of individuals. If these measures are taken, autonomous surveillance drones can be a valuable addition to the security of an area. The system available at Bavak works in such a way that privacy-sensitive locations are not recorded. This also eliminates the need for technical blur - from which images could potentially be intercepted.

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