Bavak Access Control

Bavak Access Control

November 09, 2023

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Bavak Access Control

Access gates, such as speed lane systems, provide various solutions for controlled entry to locations of different sizes and shapes. Speed lane systems, for example, are ideal for quickly and individually allowing people into buildings, such as offices, stadiums, and government facilities. These systems ensure a smooth flow and registration of incoming and outgoing individuals, which is crucial for emergency response.

Modern security requires not only effectiveness but also aesthetic considerations, and Bavak's access gates combine both aspects. The range includes various models:

Speed lanes: The EasyGate speed lanes are slim, customizable speed gates with advanced security features, lighting for clear guidance, and additional options like QR code scanners and audible alarms.

Turnstile with Swing Arm: A cost-effective option for regulated access. Bavak offers different turnstiles with swing arms, varying in housing finish and special features, such as an anti-panic mechanism for emergencies.

Full-Height Turnstiles: Ideal for outdoor security or segregating specific zones, like hygiene areas in the food industry. These turnstiles can be permanently installed or placed in containers, and they come standard with a galvanized finish for extended durability.

With years of experience and expertise in speed lanes and turnstiles, Bavak provides customized solutions for various access scenarios. The choice of the right access gate depends on your specific needs and situation.

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