Bavak - Access Gates for Every Entrance

Bavak - Access Gates for Every Entrance

April 02, 2024

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Bavak - Access Gates for Every Entrance

Access turnstiles serve as a physical security measure deployed to regulate entry to a facility. They compel individuals to pass through a specific point when entering or exiting a location. These turnstiles are widely used in professional environments such as office buildings, airports, and stadiums, where they enhance security and prevent unauthorized access.

In addition to access regulation, access turnstiles can be used to track the number of individuals entering and leaving a building. This allows data collection on entry and exit times. Moreover, turnstiles can be integrated with other security measures, such as access control systems and CCTV cameras, to create a comprehensive security solution.

Bavak offers a diverse range of turnstiles. Visit the Bavak website for more information.

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