Bavak secures logistics centres from A to Z

Bavak secures logistics centres from A to Z

September 21, 2021

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Bavak secures logistics centres from A to Z

One-stop-shopping for security managers of logistics centres.

Over the years, Bavak has built up a broad portfolio of products. This makes it possible to purchase almost all physical and electronic measures that are required at a logistic centre. In addition to supply and installation, Bavak also provides preventive and corrective, brand independent, maintenance and training courses for the use of the equipment. The combination of complete unburdening, knowledge and quality and the right equipment and measures is what makes Bavak the ideal supplier.

Bavak has all the necessary expertise, whether it is a Security Management System, Bollards, Speedgates, Barriers, CCTV-systems or a walk-through metal detect in the warehouse. Registering and tracking a visitor and tracking packages during the entire logistic process are also possible. From A to Z, Bavak is able to deliver, maintain en educate.

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Good security requires expertise. Bavak has been providing the best security worldwide for more than 45 years. If you also want to know how, please contact us.