Bavak Speedgates, fully custom-made

Bavak Speedgates, fully custom-made

August 11, 2021

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Bavak Speedgates, fully custom-made

Bavak has a wide range of Speedgates. The Speedgates can all be adjusted to the customer’s needs, from the exact dimensions to the final finish.

The Speedgates are available with top or bottom drive or with top or bottom guide, the so-called trackless gates. The Speedgates comes standard with bar infill. For a specific look, the Speedgates can be equipped with special infill such as glass, logos, wood or other materials. Speedgates can also be equipped with single or double cladding, the so-called Speeddoor or with bullet resistant cladding (RC3 – RC4).

The Speedgate shows on the picture is completely made of stainless steel 316. This specific composition ensures that the Speedgate is well suited for installation in a humid environment with regular exposure to salt as in coastal areas. This makes the Speedgate better protected against corrosion.

Curious which Speedgate suits best to your wishes or situation, please contact us via or check our website Bavak Speedgates.

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