Brochures for Bollards

Brochures for Bollards

April 11, 2024

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Brochures for Bollards

Bavak offers an extensive range of bollards, with several options that can be equipped with a special sleeve, also known as a sleeve. This sleeve transforms the function of the bollard from purely protective to a means of protection and communication. Importantly, the crash-rated properties of the bollard remain intact even with the sleeve, ensuring high safety.

This opportunity opens the door to various applications for urban marketing, branding your brand, or sharing other business information and commercial messages. The sleeves around the bollards can be printed with various visual elements, such as city emblems, company logos, logos of shopping malls or sports clubs, and even images of product packaging such as cans.

This not only makes the bollard an effective means of protecting the perimeter against unintended collisions but also gives it a dual function as a means of communication, whether in the public space or not. With these adaptations, the bollard gains a new dynamic, where functionality and creativity go hand in hand.

More details about these bollards, including the option to download brochures for further information, can be found on Bavak's website.

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