Protect your privacy and security with Bavak Drone Detection

Protect your privacy and security with Bavak Drone Detection

June 06, 2024

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Protect your privacy and security with Bavak Drone Detection

In the hands of malicious actors, drones can pose a serious threat to both privacy and security. They can be used for espionage or cyber attacks, and the ease with which a criminal or terrorist can fly a drone over Critical infrastructure constitutes a serious threat. There are also numerous reports of drones above prisons, indicating how widespread this problem is. Traditional detection systems, such as (burglar) alarm systems, are often ineffective against drones. Bavak offers an innovative solution with a complete Drone Detection system.

What are the characteristics of the drone detection system??

Bavak's drone detection system consists of three main elements that seamlessly work together to provide maximum protection. The RF sensors form the cornerstone of the system and detect a wide range of drones, from commercial models to homemade devices, with a range of up to 5 kilometers, depending on the installation and environment. These sensors record radio signals, listen for acoustic signals, and can control PTZ cameras for visual confirmation. The collected data is then processed by the DroneTracker software, which validates, analyzes, and correlates the information. This software platform serves as the central nervous system of the system, where forensic information such as unique IDs, types, and MAC addresses of drones are stored for further analysis. The user interface, a web browser-based environment, provides a user-friendly experience with minimal training. It provides immediate insight into the location and nature of the threat, enabling rapid and effective response. Together, these components form a robust and reliable solution for drone detection and security.

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