Rapidly deployable compound security

Rapidly deployable compound security

November 21, 2023

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Rapidly deployable compound security

The Secure Compound Solution (SC) offers a flexible and quick security solution for various missions, especially in an era marked by unpredictability and complexity, including hybrid conflicts. During missions, it's essential to create a secure enclosed area for Force Protection. SC meets this need by providing high-quality storage with physical security measures, access control from a secure container, and security management from a protected office environment.

The Secure Access Container (SAC) is a crucial component of SC, offering flexible access control through local, card, or biometric methods. Visitors undergo screening and registration, ensuring a secure environment within the protected zone. Strict access control through encrypted doors provides peace of mind.

The Secure Storage Container (SSC) is based on the concept of a vault within a container and can be universally used for the management and storage of Tactical Battle Boxes (TBB), such as weapons, ammunition, and valuable items. This solution minimizes labor intensity and offers a high level of security for security personnel.

The Deployable 20ft container systems SOC and SCR meet military specifications and have been tested and approved for various terrains and climates. They offer flexible layouts, workstations, lighting, electrical and network connections, with optional soundproofing for noise levels up to 50 dB.

The containers can be linked to form a private local network, enabling easy access and data and information control, including connectivity with cameras, speakers, phones, and lighting through traditional cables or wireless technology.

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