Roadblockers - regular and shallow-mount

Roadblockers - regular and shallow-mount

August 23, 2023

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Roadblockers - regular and shallow-mount

Roadblockers are used to prevent unauthorized vehicles from accessing secure areas. Roadblockers play a crucial role in ensuring robust access security by preventing unauthorized vehicles from proceeding further. This results in an elevated level of security for critical locations, as they are protected against unwanted vehicle access.

Bavak provides two different systems, regular and shallow-mount. Regular roadblockers are robust systems used to control traffic flow and stop unauthorized traffic. You will often find them in places where a high level of security is required, such as border crossings, embassies, and prisons. They are designed to withstand heavy impact and can stop vehicles of various sizes and weights. With their reliable operation and durable construction, they offer an effective security solution.

Shallow-mount roadblockers are specially designed for places with limited space, such as urban environments or areas with a full underground infrastructure. Although compact, they provide the same powerful security as regular roadblockers. They can be quickly activated to prevent unauthorized vehicles from passing through. These roadblockers are perfect for protecting critical locations, such as government buildings, courts, prisons, airports, and military bases.

Both types of roadblockers operate with hydraulic systems. They can be activated rapidly to block the road and prevent unauthorized vehicles from passing through. These systems are equipped with advanced security features, such as sensors and anti-ram protection, to ensure they work effectively and reliably in various situations.

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