Sliding or retractable bollard?

Sliding or retractable bollard?

May 29, 2024

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Sliding or retractable bollard?

In the world of security and access control, movable bollards are becoming an increasingly common solution for managing access to buildings, premises, and public spaces. But what is the difference between a sliding and a retractable bollard, and why would you choose a movable bollard in the first place?

What is a sliding bollard?

A sliding bollard is a type of bollard that moves horizontally to open or block the passage for vehicles. These bollards slide sideways to allow vehicles through. Sliding bollards provide an effective security solution and are especially suitable for locations where there is little space for a bollard that can move upward.

What is a retractable bollard?

A retractable bollard, on the other hand, is a type of bollard that rises vertically and 'disappears' into the ground when access is granted. These bollards are often found in places where flexibility and aesthetics are important. Retractable bollards provide a discreet solution that does not interfere with the appearance of the surroundings when not in use.

Why choose a movable bollard in the first place?

Movable bollards contribute to the aesthetics of a location, especially in cases where it is important to maintain the visual appearance of an environment. Retractable bollards can be installed, for example, in places where preserving the view or the aesthetics of the surroundings is a priority.

Moreover, movable bollards provide an extra level of control and security. By having the ability to open or block access remotely, movable bollards can be integrated with other security systems such as access control, creating an integrated and proactive security solution.

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