The Drone Detection System by Bavak

The Drone Detection System by Bavak

March 23, 2023

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Drone Detection

Drones can be used for "criminal" activities and can thus pose a threat to security. Drones can also be used to smuggle prohibited goods, or drones can be used for espionage and privacy violations. To make this threat visible and be able to take action, Bavak supplies a proven Drone Detection System.

The Drone Detection System delivered by Bavak is designed to detect, track and identify drones. The system is easy to use and offers a reliable but above all effective solution to make the (unwanted) drones visible. Bavak also offers technical support and training to customers, enabling them to use the system optimally.

The Drone Detection System is suitable for various applications as for example, prisons, airports, industrial sites, stadiums and events. The system is also suitable for government agencies such as police, defense and customs responsible for securing special locations.

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