The impressive 'Wall of Fame' of Bavak

The impressive 'Wall of Fame' of Bavak

March 07, 2024

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Welcome to the impressive 'Wall of Fame' in the Bavak showroom, where we look back on our successes that we have been working on for over 50 years

In 1973, Bavak began with the introduction of the first microwave motion detector. This modest step laid the foundation for what Bavak represents today: cutting-edge technologies that set the standard in security.

In 1989, we introduced the very first electric Speedgate. This innovation offered unparalleled speed and efficiency for controlled access to fenced-off areas and (parking) garages. To this day, Bavak still delivers various Speedgates worldwide.

In 2014, we reached new heights with the launch of the Bavak ROMAP, our first Remotely Operated Military Access Point. This advanced solution made a significant contribution to military security operations and thus established Bavak as a key supplier in the military world.

The year 2016 marked another milestone when our sliding bollards were implemented at ‘the Binnenhof’, one of the most iconic locations in the Netherlands.

And also in 2023, we made history with the introduction of our Secure Compound Solution. This groundbreaking system, developed in a consortium, offers a comprehensive approach to security, enabling organizations worldwide to protect their assets and personnel against ever-evolving threats.

At Bavak, we are proud of our history of innovation and dedication to security. Visit our showroom in Noordwijk to see how Bavak can assist you with your security needs, both now and in the future!

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