The right bollard for every location

The right bollard for every location

June 13, 2023

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The right bollard for every location

Bavak offers a wide range of crash rated bollards, each with unique features and benefits to meet your specific security needs. Find out more about our assortment to see version suits you best.

Fixed bollards: Our fixed bollards are robust security bollards that stay permanently in place. They serve as a clear physical barrier and are designed to protect key areas such as pedestrian zones, sensitive installations and public spaces.

Sliding bollards: For situations where flexibility is required, our sliding bollards offer the ideal solution. These bollards slide aside to allow access to authorised vehicles. With a user-friendly design and advanced technologies, such as remote control or automatic operating systems, our sliding bollards offer you control over your security with maximum flexibility.

Shallow-mount bollards: If you are looking for a bollard solution with minimal ground invasion, our shallow-mount bollards are the perfect choice. These bollards are installed at a shallow depth below the surface, making them discreet yet highly effective.

Finally, Bavak supplies automatic bollards: For maximum control over access to your site, our automatic bollards offer the perfect security solution. These bollards can fully sink into the ground at the push of a button, allowing unhindered access for authorised vehicles.

With this, Bavak offers a type of bollard for virtually every need. Contact our specialists for more information, or see our website.

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