X-ray inspection for trucks and containers

X-ray inspection for trucks and containers

March 07, 2023

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X-ray inspection for trucks and containers

Everyone in the world is increasingly dependent on transportation for the distribution of goods and products. Trucks and containers play an important role in this regard. However, with growing concerns about the security of society, it has become necessary to take measures to identify and prevent potential threats. Therefore, trucks and containers are increasingly subjected to X-ray inspection at special locations.

X-ray technology makes it possible to get a detailed picture of the contents of trucks and containers without the need to unlock or unload them. This allows potential threats, such as explosives, weapons or drugs, to be quickly and accurately detected and removed.

This technology is particularly useful in high-priority security areas such as ports and customs border posts. It also allows inspections to be carried out quickly and efficiently, without unduly delaying transport.

Bavak has extensive experience in the deployment of various large X-ray systems. Would you like to know how Bavak can help you, than please see our website.

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