Secure Compound Solution

Secure Compound Solution

In a world characterized by increasing unpredictability and complexity of conflicts, flexibility and speed are essential. The ability to rapidly respond to changing situations and environments is crucial, especially when executing missions where Force Protection is of paramount importance. To meet this growing need, Bavak, Contour, and Dujardin Remmers are joining forces to deliver an innovative Secure Compound Solution (SC).

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The Secure Compound Solution provides a flexible, scalable, and globally transportable solution for various security needs. The system consists of different customized containers that together create an integrated and highly secure environment. Let's take a look at some of the key components of this revolutionary concept:

Secure Control Room (SCR)

The Secure Control Room (SCR) is a mobile solution that provides a safe and efficient control room environment. It integrates all essential information in one location, enabling detailed decision-making. Through advanced system integration, the SCR offers functionality such as camera surveillance, speaker and intercom systems, and efficient alarm management.

Secure Access Container (SAC)

The Secure Access Container (SAC) offers the ultimate solution for global access control. With flexible deployment, access control containers can be easily placed anywhere. The office is designed to adapt to different climates and provides optimal security with bulletproof materials. Whether it's manual control or advanced biometric recognition, the SAC offers various options for access control.

Secure Office Container (SOC)

The Secure Office Container (SOC) provides a secure and efficient office environment, perfectly suited for military and security needs. With climate control and ballistic protection, the SOC is the most secure and mobile office on the market. Available as a standalone solution or as part of the Secure Compound concept, the SOC provides an ideal work and meeting place in various climates and environments.

Secure Storage Container (SSC)

The Secure Storage Container (SSC) offers a high level of protection for managing and storing valuable goods such as weapons and ammunition. With the principle of 'box within a box' or a safe within a container, the SSC provides maximum security in restricted areas. The system meets the requirements of DBB (Double Base Blend) and is suitable for implementation in various defense situations.

Secure Integration (SI)

The Secure Integration (SI) connects all components of the SC concept and creates a standardized network within the containers for enhanced security. By not being directly connected to external networks, a high level of security is maintained. The SI provides an overview of all SC resources and environments, enabling effective monitoring and management for informed decision-making and rapid response to changes or threats.

Bavak's Secure Compound concept, in collaboration with Contour and Dujardin Remmers, offers a revolutionary approach to flexible and rapid security for various missions and environments. With highly secure storage, advanced access control, and efficient office environments, this concept enables organizations to successfully adapt to the complex and unpredictable nature of modern conflicts.

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Why Bavak

The specialists at Bavak are very familiar with the various products that are integrated and have been successfully implementing them for years. As a result, there is a lot of expertise available that we are happy to use to make it easier for our customers. Additionally, it is obvious that Bavak fully supervises the project.

Bavak has its own training service where we provide your staff with a 'train-the-trainer' session including the necessary documentation so that users are always informed of all details.

So it really depends on your wishes and your situation how the Secure Compound Solution can be built for you. Contact our specialists to find the best solution.

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