Speedgates for industrial sites, parking garages, offices, ports and commercial environments – Bavak delivers them all. Each Bavak Speedgate, from color to special features, is tailored to customer preferences and all is done via the highest quality standards.

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Bavak Speedgates. Choose from variants with overhead or bottom drives, or a trackless option without guidance. Bavak also offers Speedgates with standard bars, fully enclosed designs and even bullet-resistant properties. Additionally, Bavak provides special custom-made Speedgates featuring specific logos or glass infill and other special claddings.

Bavak Speedgates: the ultimate solution for speed and security

At Bavak, we understand the importance of reliable and fast access control. Our Bavak Speedgates offer the perfect combination of speed, security, and durability, ideal for high-traffic locations where quick and secure access is essential.

What makes Bavak speedgates unique?

Our Speedgates are available in various models to meet specific needs:

The B-Access Speedgate - Perfect for parking garages and apartment complexes

Available with top guiding, specially designed for use in parking garages and apartment complexes. The B-Access is fast, cost-effective, durable, and suitable for an unlimited number of movements per day. The footplate of the B-Access Speedgate does not protrude compared to the column, allowing for tight mounting along a wall. Naturally, like other Bavak Speedgates, the B-Access is certified according to EN 13241-1.

The B-Protect Speedgate - Maximum security, optional WK2 / RC2 certification

This is the high-security gate on the market, optionally available with WK2 / RC2 certification. It is perfectly suited for large parking facilities and built to withstand a maximum number of movements per day. Opting for the Bavak B-Protect allows for customization as expected from the best in its class. The B-Protect RC3 or RC4 version is available in both fully closed (speeddoor) and unique bar configurations and is fully NEN-EN 1627 certified. The B-Protect Speedgate can also be produced in enormous dimensions thanks to the special Bavak wheel construction in the top box, making the B-Protect Speedgate unique in its class.

Moreover, there is an option to make the B-Protect bullet resistant in addition to the previously mentioned RC3 and RC4 certifications (FB4 – FB6). Due to its robust construction, the B-Secure and B-Protect can be used for special solutions such as logos and cosmetic adjustments.

The B-Trackless Speedgate - Ideal in any fencing or fencing line

The B-Trackless fits perfectly in almost any surrounding. The B-Trackless is the best gate to install when there is no space for an upper or lower drive or guiding. The foundation of the Speedgate B-trackless can be delivered prefab, significantly reducing installation time, as the Speedgate can be placed almost immediately. The B-trackless is made with a self-supporting construction and the positioning of the panels is achieved via limit switches instead of an electronic encoder.

B-Secure Speedgate - The combination of heavy transport and intensive use

Then there is the bottom-driven B-Secure Speedgate. This gate is specially developed for the combination of heavy transport and intensive use. The development process paid particular attention to the modular-built drive and the construction of the so-called bottom-drive unit. The bottom-driven Speedgates have no height restrictions, making them suitable for many different entrances. Using cold-rolled structural steel, the drive box is almost entirely self-supporting and therefore suitable for the heaviest axle loads. The drive is modularly built, allowing for quick and efficient maintenance later on. Another advantage of the B-Secure is the bottom drive. Thanks to this bottom drive of the B-Secure Speedgate, the wings are mechanically locked as soon as the Speedgate is closed. This locking ensures good burglary prevention.

Fully Customizable

At Bavak, we believe in customization. Our Speedgates can be fully tailored to your specific requirements and the demands of your location. Whether it's special finishes like glass, wood, or personalized logos, we make it possible.

High-Quality Materials and Technology

Our Speedgates are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel 316, making them extremely durable, even in the most challenging environments like coastal areas. Moreover, all our Speedgates comply with stringent safety standards such as NEN-EN 1627.

Innovative Safety Features

Our gates are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure maximum security. This includes automatic locking systems, fast opening times, and integration with existing security systems.

Why Choose Bavak Speedgates?

  • Reliability: With over 50 years of experience in the security sector, we guarantee products of the highest quality.
  • Customer-Oriented Service: Our team of experts is ready to advise you on the best solutions for your specific situation.
  • Durability: Our Speedgates are designed to last for years with minimal maintenance costs.

PSSA Membership

Bavak is proud to be a member of the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association (PSSA). Membership not only strengthens our industry position but also opens doors to a wide network of experts. At Bavak, we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation. As Speedgate specialists, PSSA membership ensures that we are always at the forefront of security innovations.

Bavak Security Group offers optimal solutions for Speedgates and nearly all access control/parking application needs.

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