Metal Detection

Metal Detection

Today's society is hard to imagine without Metal Detection systems. By increasing possession of all sorts of knives, firearms and other metal attributes a reliable and efficient control in a large number of situations becomes more and more necessary.

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The possible fields of application for the use of metal detection systems are versatile, ranging from event centers to correctional facilities and courthouses to airports, from government buildings such as embassies and military installations to nuclear power plants and much more. In addition, these metal detection gates can also be used temporarily at so-called high-risk events such as state visits and meetings of European institutions or committees.

Metal detection gates

When passing through a metal detection gate, it is immediately clear whether a metal object is concealed. It is possible to see at what height this metal object is located to make the search easier and faster. Depending on pre-set programs and sensitivity, smaller or larger metal objects can be detected.

All metal detection gates that Bavak rents out comply with international legislation.

Almost all metal detection gates use a so called Multizone detection technique. Through this technique it is directly visible where on the body an alarm triggering object is located. This provides a substantial time saving for the follow-up action to be taken. Single-zone detection gates are also available on request. In case necessary, one of the specified models can also be used outdoors.

Metal detector with optional radiation detection

All detectors meet the highest quality standards and are suitable for detecting ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In addition, the metal detection gates are available with optional radiation detection capabilities. The radiation inspection technology detects gamma radiation and optional neutron radiation from a wide range of radioactive materials. The user-friendly inspection operation is the same as for metal detection. The radiation inspection alarms are clearly signaled visually and audibly. The option for radiation detection is available with a Metor® metal detection port or as an upgrade / expansion of an already deployed unit. The radiation detection performance meets the requirements of ANSI, IEC and IAEA standards for safety inspection.

Hand held metal detection

In addition to the metal detection gates, Bavak also provides other options such as a hand-held metal detector. Metal detectors, and therefore hand-held versions, are an integral part of physical security screening. With a unique angled design, the hand-held metal detector makes it possible to scan a person thoroughly, while the hands are kept away from their bodies. It benefits both security personnel and the person being scanned.

Metal detection of multiple locations monitored simultaneously

Finally, the complete detection of multiple locations can easily be monitored simultaneously. This system makes it possible to send multiple Walk-through Metal Detector data to an external desktop for management and monitoring. MetetNet 3 Pro Web is a Windows based remote Security Management System that translates metal detection data directly to your desktop. It allows you to control data collection and processing with versatile reporting tools, as well as monitoring and managing all parameters of the regular 'Walk-through' metal detection ports.

Why Bavak

The specialists at Bavak know the metal detection gates very well and have been realizing successful implementations for years. As a result, there is also a lot of expertise available which we are happy to use to make things easier for our customers.

Bavak has its own training service with which we can fully familiarize your employees with the use of the metal detection gates. This prevents, for example, that only the system administrator knows how everything works. This training can also be 'repeated' so that your employees are always aware of all the in's and out's.

So it really depends on your wishes and your situation which of the metal detection systems is best for your situation. Please contact our specialists to see which metal detection systems can be chosen as the best solution.

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Good security requires expertise. Bavak has been providing the best security worldwide for more than 45 years. If you also want to know how, please contact us.