Bavak ROMAP in Lego

Bavak ROMAP in Lego

October 14, 2021

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ROMAP, the most comprehensive product ‘made easy’

At Bavak we have developed the ROMAP (Remotely Operated Military Access Point).

The ROMAP is an automated personnel access point for basic security and fits in perfectly with the total security integration philosophy of Bavak. The ROMAP consists of several ‘security lanes’ that are all continuously monitored from one external control centre.

The setting is very complete and therefore and it is hard to explain how the system works via a short presentation. To present the ROMAP in an understandable way during exhibitions and events, we have decided to make a setup of Lego.

From the first reactions, we have already seen that the set-up does what it was made to do. Within 5 minutes, the complete ROMAP routing will be discussed and through instructions it becomes clear which route a visitor takes and which technical procedures are to be followed. Afterwards, everyone knows exactly what the objective and content of the ROMAP is. Mission accomplished.

Bavak will have this setting on display in the Bavak showroom and at relevant tradeshows.

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