Bi-folding speedgate leaflets

Bi-folding speedgate leaflets

March 02, 2023

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Bi-folding speedgate leaflets

All bi-folding speedgate leaflets are available through the Bavak website.

There are many different bi-folding speedgates available in the market. Besides bi-folding speedgates in different qualities, there are also different bi-folding speedgate models available. Even so at Bavak. Bavak has four different models of bi-folding speedgates which are designed for different purposes and will be made according to the needs of the customer.

The Bavak bi-folding speedgate range is suitable both for placement at the perimeter access edge and / or directly in the facade of the respective complex. Thus, there are top driven-, bottom driven- and even trackless bi-folding speedgates. All models are designed with the latest technologies and materials and offer a high level of safety and reliability.

When you start looking for a high quality bi-folding speedgate, you quickly end up at Bavak. To see which bi-folding speedgate then best suits your needs, be the first to view the leaflet now, before speaking to our colleagues. This bi-folding speedgate brochure can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

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