Drone Detection by Bavak, including user training and installation

Drone Detection by Bavak, including user training and installation

November 14, 2023

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Drone Detection by Bavak, including user training and installation

Bavak offers a comprehensive Drone Detection system for rent, addressing growing concerns about privacy and security, especially regarding the use of drones for espionage, cyberattacks, and other malicious purposes. The ease with which drones can access critical infrastructure poses a serious threat. Many common security systems are not suitable for detecting drones, but Bavak provides an effective solution.

Bavak's Drone Detection system includes various sensors connected to the DroneTracker software, which detects and classifies threats. The system not only locates the drone but can also identify the pilot. Passive and active countermeasures can then be deployed, tailored to the severity of the threat. The system comprises sensors, validation software, and a user-friendly web-based interface. RF sensors are crucial and can detect various types of drones, with a range of up to 5 kilometers, depending on the installation. The software coordinates and validates sensor information and stores forensic data for future analysis. The user interface provides insight into the nature of the threat and the drone's location.

Bavak also offers a Mobile Drone Detection solution suitable for temporary deployment. Renting this Drone Detection system provides a protective "dome" over your location, warning of potential aerial threats and is suitable for a wide range of situations, from permanent security to events.

Bavak's specialists have extensive expertise in this field and provide customized support, including training for your personnel. The specific system that best suits your needs can be discussed with Bavak's specialists.

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