The Secure Compound Solution

The Secure Compound Solution

April 04, 2024

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The Secure Compound Solution

The Secure Compound Solution offers a versatile solution for global security needs. The system consists of custom containers that create an integrated and highly secure environment. Some key components include:

Secure Control Room (SCR), a mobile solution for secure control rooms, integrates all essential data for detailed decision-making.

Secure Access Container (SAC) This provides access control with easy deployment and optimal security, regardless of the climate.

Secure Office Container (SOC) This provides a secure working environment with climate control and ballistic protection, ideal for military and security applications.

Secure Storage Container (SSC) For a high level of protection for valuable goods such as weapons and ammunition, and is also suitable for various defense situations.

Secure Integration (SI) This container connects all components for enhanced security and effective management.

This concept, developed in collaboration with Contour and Dujardin Remmers, offers an innovative approach to flexible and rapid security. Download our brochures from this page for more information on this groundbreaking solution.

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