Our new year starts with a new logo

Our new year starts with a new logo

January 01, 2022

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Our new year starts with a new logo

Bavak started in 1959 as BAkker VAKkleding and has transformed itself into a global supplier of high-quality security solutions in more than 63 years.

With the upcoming year and further international growth, it is time to introduce a new logo. The colour red in the new logo has remained the same, the letters Bavak have been placed further apart which increases the readability.

A figurative mark has been added to the left side of the letters Bavak. This mark represents the three departments of Bavak with a shield in the middle. Due to the three different colours of red, it looks like the logo is made up in 3D, this shows the 3D security that Bavak offers.

We are ready for the future and further expansion and are happy to discuss your safety measures in the new year 2022.


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