Correctional Facilities

Correctional Facilities

Bavak is also the point of contact for securing correctional facilities and prisons. This is as these sites and buildings that are important to our society benefit from a reliable and high level of security.

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A prison is a special location and not only because of its purpose. It is one of the few locations where security is put in place for potential threats from the outside as well as from the inside. The encountered risk is that the site may be attractive for theft, smuggle and / or attacks, so securing prisons requires a special approach. A prison, or cell complex, requires a highly specialized approach. Bavak has many years of experience as a supplier of various materials to secure prisons and other cell complexes.

An example of the possibilities that Bavak can provide in the field of prison security

Detection solutions

Bavak supplies a very wide range of detection systems. This consists for example of several X-ray machines with which luggage and parcels can be scanned. Bavak sells these, but there is also a very large assortment available for rental. This way, there is always a solution available, permanent or temporary. If desired, the staff that has to work with the machine can also be trained by Bavak. This way you can be sure that the machine is used correctly and the operator can deliver maximum results.

Bavak also supplies various forms of metal detection. This can be in the form of the metal detection gates, but also in the form of so-called hand detectors.

Drone Detection

When we look at security we can divide it into different rings. In the past this was done in 2D, but nowadays there is also a threat that comes from drones. This is why we are now talking about 3D, because from above we also have to take the threat into account. Bavak offers very professional solutions to respond to this drone threat. These Drone Detection systems are for sale and for rent. This Drone Detection solution has proven to be successful in various occasions.


For the complete controlled opening and closing of an environment, you can use a Bavak Speedgate. A Speedgate is an electromechanically driven gate consisting of panels that open simultaneously on two sides. Each side consists of a driven panel and a follower panel. There are different versions of Speedgates from Bavak. The system can be operated with access control systems and needs to be secured with detection loops and photocells. Bavak Security Group offers the optimal solution for almost all access control and also parking application needs. The biggest common denominator is that they are all developed according to the same principles, which are ‘reliability, quality and durability’. Bavak offers four different high-tech gates, all with a low total cost of ownership.


Roadblockers are designed to provide an impact resistant barrier for vehicle access. This can work as a stand-alone device or in combination with a barrier or a conventional gate. The Roadblockers can be optionally equipped with lighting for extra safety in dark conditions. Roadblockers are one of the best defense systems for your location when controlled access is desired. Whether you need a simple low cost up and down roadblocker for relatively low volume use or a heavy-duty anti-terrorist Roadblocker for frequent use, Bavak is your supplier. Bavak has over 45 years of experience with high-security technology. The Bavak Roadblockers are available in different heights and widths and can be used in and on any road surface.


Many institutions also need parking management solutions. Bavak offers various solutions. For example the boombarriers. Bavak boombarriers are very suitable for access control and are a cost-conscious, simple solution to (temporarily) close off almost any area. It is a simple solution to shield an area from unauthorized vehicle access. Boom barriers can be used at parking lots, business premises and bridges and many other locations. A boom barrier is provided by Bavak with various functions such as lighting, skirts or even an access control system. Due to the different types of boom barriers and expansion options available, you can find the right boom barrier for every situation.

Pass through systems

It is also possible to have so-called pass-through systems delivered by Bavak in order to make the delivery of documents and goods safe. Think of various systems that are used at 'publicly accessible counters' to pass on documents, for example. The counter employee is protected by the separation which can be delivered in different resistance classes, also for the security of a prison.

Why Bavak

Bavak has been realizing complex prison security plans for many years and, in addition to good products, it also provides an enormous volume of professional knowledge.

The specialists at Bavak know the special needs of prison security very well and have been realizing successful implementations for years. As a result, there is also a lot of expertise available which we like to use to make things easier for our customers.

So it really depends on your wishes and your situation which of the solutions can be the best for your situation. Please contact our specialists to see which solution or combination of solutions can best be chosen for securing a prison.

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Good security requires expertise. Bavak has been providing the best security worldwide for more than 45 years. If you also want to know how, please contact us.