Improve your 'X-ray analyst' skills with training from Bavak

Improve your 'X-ray analyst' skills with training from Bavak

June 20, 2024

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Improve your 'X-ray analyst' skills with training from Bavak

Proper training for X-ray image analysts is vital to make informed decisions based on the X-ray images being assessed. Bavak offers a practical approach during X-ray training, where participants first undergo a theoretical session followed by practical exercises with simulation materials under the guidance of experienced trainers. Obtaining a certificate with a validity period is another important aspect of the training, with participants needing to be recertified once the validity period expires. The training is provided to groups of 6 to 8 participants and covers a wide range of topics, including safe working practices, radiation safety, new threats, and making the right analyses.

Bavak is the only training provider in the Netherlands offering training for all types of X-ray machines, including transmission and absorption technologies, as well as backscatter technology. These trainings are provided at various levels, ranging from basic and refreshment trainings to specialized trainings for advanced users. With years of expertise in supplying and maintaining various types of X-ray systems, Bavak offers comprehensive and in-depth training suitable for participants of different knowledge levels.

Want to improve your X-ray skills and conduct reliable scans? Contact Bavak today for more information about our X-ray training in English. We are proud that our trainings consistently receive high ratings from our participants, with an average score of 8.7 (average rating from all trainings last year).

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